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How Xn Payment Solutions Benefit Operators and Save Money

Xn offers first-class payment solutions that benefit operators in several ways, such as savings on expenditure and increasing the chances of growing revenue. From front-of-house to self-service solutions, payment terminals and Xn Pay, Xn are leading the way in helping operators enhance their businesses and save money through modern solutions. 

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Payment experiences and technology have changed significantly in the past few decades. Cash payments used to be the most prominent way we made purchases, this swiftly transitioned to debit and credit cards, and now we have contactless payments.

Modern Payment Solutions

The evolution of payment processes has made it easier for people to receive and spend money. Modern and technological payment solutions have become instrumental in providing customers with a smooth and seamless experience.

Every year, digital payment volumes rise by over 10 per cent, and digital payment platforms are responsible for over 720 billion annual transactions. Xn offers effective payment solutions that combine a seamless customer experience with the most important factor – trust.

High-Powered Payment Terminals

Xn’s digital and online payment solutions are available to leisure operators throughout the UK. For digital payments, Xn has two new advanced payment terminals that integrate with existing systems.

There are several advantages to operators using Xn’s payment terminals, these include saving money. Plus, people are more susceptible to spending more when paying with a card, as they aren’t limited by how much they have on them. Other benefits include:

  • They provide members with more options to pay how they choose
  • Ensures operators aren’t pushing away business and sales by limiting the options available.
  • Card payments are safer and more secure compared to cash payments and make businesses less susceptible to fraud.
  • Fast transactions equal greater efficiency.
  • Xn’s payment terminals save time, labour, and costs due to fewer paper-based payments and processing.
  • Provides operators with increased data accuracy, receipt and payment processing, and automated disbursement.
  • Xn payment terminals are paving the way for a more lucrative future for the leisure industry.

Online Payments with Xn Pay

Xn Pay is an excellent payment solution that makes purchasing processes easier for members. If they find it difficult to make payments, it will result in fewer transactions. So, Xn created a solution that offers a fast, reliable and manageable experience for both operators and members to keep online sales healthy.

Xn Pay features an online wallet that can store multiple cards for easy online payments. All information is saved and securely encrypted, so members aren’t required to type in their details every time they pay.

Xn Pay offers a quick and simple checkout experience, so customers are likely to return in the future. Some key benefits of Xn Pay for operators include:

  • Xn Pay improves cash flow and ensures funds are received faster.
  • Automated reoccurring payments.
  • Attracts new members with modern and effective payment solutions.
  • Integrated payments ensure operators can store all their transactions in an organised and safe place, making bookkeeping easier than ever.
  • Operators have access to real-time data.
  • Saves staff time and resources.

Xn Pay’s Online Wallet is immediately available to Xn customers who have upgraded to version 2.16 of Leisure Hub.

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