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Streamlining Your Member Experience Can Increase Your Profits

It’s no secret that customers are looking for the most convenient, easy, and cost-effective solution to whatever problem they’re trying to solve.

This often means that if your customer needs to jump through several hoops – whether that be needing to use several different websites to manage one membership, wait for admin-heavy processes, or search for the service they want – then the result can be a drop-off at point of sale and beyond.

Simply put, a clunky member experience can lead to lower sales and lower member retention, both of which threaten any businesses bottom line.

Because of this, customer experience (including customer engagement and customer service) has become a huge focus for many businesses. In fact, one survey showed that 43% of small businesses cited improving customer experience and member retention as key strategies for revenue growth.

But to what extent can streamlining your members’ experience increase your business’ profits?

The figures

Studies have shown that almost 50% of customers are willing to pay more for a particular product or service if they feel like they can get a better experience.

This shows the importance of investing wisely in ways that will improve your business’ customer experience.

Streamlining your processes will attract new customers who are willing to pay for the convenience, and will also help you to retain existing customers or members.

Understand the needs and wants of your members
A good first step to improving your member experience is to survey your existing customers and to get feedback on the current system.

This will give you a good picture of what is working or what is not working and where you can make improvements.

There’s a huge range of survey applications that you could use to accomplish this.

Don’t be afraid of change

Sometimes, streamlining member experience means rebuilding your member services. This could include building an online membership portal, a debt management system, or document hub, all of which require a bit of investment in terms of time and money.

Although this may seem daunting, making these changes has been shown to bring a lot of benefit to your bottom line.

Looking for a solution that will do all the hard work for you?

If you’re worried about investing in several different systems in order to streamline your member experience, you may want to consider Xn’s Leisure Hub.

Leisure Hub is an industry-first cloud-based solution that aims to combine several technologies into one, simple to use platform.

Combining booking, membership joining, renewals, payments, debt management, marketing preferences, document management, green online receipts, and data protection functionality, the Leisure Hub application allows users to interact with their gym or leisure provider through only one consistent, familiar interface.

This means that your members don’t need to visit multiple tabs or websites in order to manage their membership, saving them time and effort and increasing your retention rates.

The very first totally unified solution in the leisure market, this innovative piece of software drastically improves customer service and reduces administration costs and time.

With admin staff freed up, they can assist on gym floors, leisure facilities, and with their local communities. This gives operators the opportunity to target staff resources around areas of biggest retention and to engage with their members on a deeper level.

Furthermore, Leisure Hub provides an excellent return on investment, delivering value for money through improved quality of service, coordination of facilities, and the ability to integrate with other corporate systems.

Early adopters of Leisure Hub have also reported a 30% increase in online revenues and higher joining and booking self service levels.

If you’re looking to streamline your customer experience journey, get in touch with our team today to find out how Xn can help.

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