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Course Management

Course Management

Revolutionize Your Course Management and Swimming Lessons with our Course Hub platform!

Maximize customer satisfaction and minimise staff administration with Course Hub. The market leading courses software integration.

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Course Management

The Course Hub product streamlines course management, enabling you to efficiently and reliably manage a range of activities, from swimming lessons to gymnastics, all in one centralised location.

Course Hub is a cutting-edge integration with the Course Pro platform provided by Fitronics, offering our customers a seamless access point for all their course-related needs. Our innovative solution is designed to provide a unified user experience, making it easier for you to manage and track courses while maximizing engagement with your students.


Course Hub

Course Hub is a cloud-based software that empowers staff to manage courses efficiently, while enabling members to easily book courses via HomePortal, a user-friendly website integrated with the Leisure Hub platform.

This solution can be customized to cater to various types of courses that our customers offer to their users, from sports to non-sport-related subjects. With Course Hub, you can customize teaching areas, class names, levels, times, and capacity, among others, to meet your unique business needs.

Key Features

Course Hub offers a web-based cloud solution that simplifies course management administration. The customers HomePortal is accessible via a new Course Hub button on the main Leisure Hub landing page. This deep and future proofed integration provides additional functionality to our customers by allowing.

Single sign-on for customers to access course information using their Leisure Hub login details.

Automatic import of member details from Leisure Hub to Course Hub.

Direct debit and block payments through a course membership with Leisure Hub.

Elimination of further searching for members in Course Hub using Leisure Hub Staff Portal.


Members can access the HomePortal, a course booking website that displays real-time course information and provides a graphical user interface for Course Hub within Leisure Hub.

With HomePortal, members can view their progress, make future bookings, and pay for them using their Leisure Hub memberships and payment options.

This integrated solution provides a best of breed approach to course management within the leisure sector and benefits from a longstanding partnership with “Course Pro” provider Fintronics.

Coach Portal

Course Hub introduces the ‘Coach Portal’, a web-based cloud solution accessible via mobile devices that provides teachers with everything they need to conduct successful sessions.

With Course Hub, teachers no longer require paper-based registers and competency checklists. Instead, all student information is downloaded to the portal, and teachers can use a durable touchscreen device to take attendance, assess individual students, or assess specific skillsets.

‘Coach Portal’ significantly reduces the workload of course administration staff in providing information and updates, while also improving the customer journey by allowing customers to actively monitor their progress or that of their children.

Our conclusion

The Course Hub provides a streamlined and flexible course management system that simplifies administrative tasks, enables efficient booking and payment processes, eliminates the need for paperwork, and offers a range of customizable options.

To find out more, speak to your account manager or select the ‘Book A Demo Today’ button below.

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