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Self-Service Management

Self-Service Management

Revolutionize Your Leisure Facility with Xn Leisure’s Self-Service Solutions

Seamless software integration to help streamline your operation

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Self-Service Management

We recognise the evolving demands of the leisure sector and the increasing importance of self-service in delivering successful leisure facilities.

Our customer-facing products are designed with various self-service options in mind to cater to all possible needs of our clients.


Member Check In

Our Member Check In feature is a popular and widely used fast track product that enables customers to check in for their pre-booked sessions and activities without having to visit reception, thereby saving time.

Additionally, it can be utilized to book free-of-charge sessions that are included in the customer’s membership upon arrival at the facility, providing an opportunity for operators to increase attendance in all classes.

Self Service

Leisure Hub Kiosk

We also have our Leisure Hub kiosk module which is our futureproofed and customer led product which guarantees we capture the full 360 degree of our customer needs.

The product allows for customers to use full self-service with bookings and joining possible at the kiosk location with payment through the Xn Pay online carousel.

The units will have the functionality to include chip and pin devices and a secondary means of marking attendance which gives the customer full control over their visit to your facility with a single stop kiosk.

Quick & Easy

Tablet Check In

The Tablet Check In feature is implemented at various locations such as studios, allowing users to register their attendance upon entry.

By using basic credentials like initials, customers can easily locate their name and mark their attendance through a user-friendly and streamlined process.

This data is essential for the facility to effectively manage attendance and prevent penalties for users. Ultimately, this solution aims to enhance the customer experience by eliminating pain points and reducing queues.

Customer Journey....

Access Control

Utilising access control in your leisure facilities opens a wealth of opportunity to gather data, improve your customer journey and most importantly secure your premises and revenue streams.

Our solution utilises IP connected access control devices to offer a simplified and singular solution for membership and staff access management. The type of credential you wish to use is not a problem, from QR to Facial Recognition and everything in-between, our system will offer you the best opportunity to implement the product to fit your operational and customer needs.

We also provide solutions for front of house and other secure areas in your facility through a number of optional entrance control systems, from your traditional turnstile to a fully integrated smart lane with people counting capabilities, we really can meet your every need.

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We hope that this overview of our module has been informative and helpful. If you would like to explore this solution further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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