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Staff Portal

Staff Portal

Empower Your Staff with the Staff Portal Module!

Seamless software integration to help streamline your operation

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Manage Accounts and Bookings On-the-Go

A powerful tool that empowers staff members with appropriate permissions to act as an individual in a Leisure Hub environment, allowing them to carry out various actions on behalf of that person.

The Staff Portal module is accessed through a web browser and can be used anywhere in the world by your staff, be it out in the community for session attendance marking or canvassing to gain new members.


How it works

With Staff Portal, users can add new individuals and immediately start emulating them in Leisure Hub. This feature simplifies the process of managing accounts and eliminates the need for individuals to be physically present.

As a user, you will have the ability to purchase memberships, classes, and bookings on behalf of the individual you are emulating. You can also view and edit linked members, including their personal details, payments, and debts. Additionally, users can access a person’s membership information and renew it on their behalf.


Made easy

The Staff Portal module enables users to view an individual’s bookings made on Leisure Hub and Advantage and make new bookings on behalf of the user. Staff Portal allows a staff member to quickly book items across all sites across your estate, providing a brilliant concept for call centre operations, removing the requirement to log in and out of different facilities.

Staff can also purchase memberships on behalf of a user, or simple tasks such as cancelling zero-cost bookings, and rebooking them on behalf of the person they are emulating. You can also access a person’s documents, marketing preferences, and QR code and card number. Anything a customer can do, you can do too!

With the module, you’ll have a powerful tool to manage individuals’ accounts on the go, from anywhere. It streamlines the process and makes it easy to manage memberships, bookings, and payments on behalf of others.

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