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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Ultimate Solution for Managing Your Leisure Business

Our customer relationship management (CRM) system helps businesses manage and track their interactions with customers.

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The Ultimate Solution for Managing Your Leisure Business and Enhancing Customer Experience.

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Enhancing Customer Experience

We understand that delivering exceptional service, attracting new members, accelerating their wellbeing, and building a network of loyal repeat customers are crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we have developed Dimension – a solution that makes it easy to capture invaluable data to enhance the customer experience and manage all their leisure needs.

Dimension was developed to serve the customer-centric leisure industry both now and into the future. We have placed emphasis on the ability to flexibly manage a wide range of business processes and activities, allowing leisure operators to control and oversee all aspects of their members, bookings, users, and business.

View some of Dimension's key features below

Key Feature

Member Management

All the information contained within Dimension can be accessed to provide a complete 360-degree view of a member. This enhanced functionality greatly improves customer service and speed of interaction at all levels and locations, making the summary page the hub of all member interaction.

Key Feature


Dimension delivers comprehensive booking solutions which emulate traditional bookings sheets, combining simplicity with power.

Templates help you divide a venue into locations and define activities per location. You can set minimum and normal duration periods and define peak/off-peak periods. The Xn system reduces administration time and can encourage members to use more than one facility per visit.

Key Feature

Point Of Sale

Dimension features an intuitive Point Of Sale, optimised specifically for speed and the daily demands of a busy front desk.

This single solution can be used at any point-of-sale location such as the restaurant, sports shop, bar, or reception and offers simple built-in stock control as well. Additional security is available via password protection of certain functions, if required. Customers can pay via a variety of methods, including cash, debit and credit cards (using the market leading third-party chip-and-pin provider).

Key Feature


Dimension includes functionality to easily create and manage memberships, including processing changes to memberships or member data. Adopting a concept of a single-person database Dimension allows for the controlling of data centrally which results in a depth of functionality and benefits.

Everything you need

In one location

We are confident that Dimension has everything needed in one place to maintain and manage the site, bookings, members, and more.

The software is the one-stop-shop for improving customer service, data capture, staff use satisfaction, and ensuring the wellbeing of your members is continually healthy and improved through the confidence of entering the site with efficiency and service support.

With over 20 years of development and improvements, Dimension is the front runner for all your on-site needs.

We offer a variety of products including Data & Reporting tools.

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