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4Global and Xn Leisure: Improving the Leisure Industry With Data

Xn would like to highlight the partnership with world-leading technology and professional services company for the sport and leisure sector, 4Global.

4Global use the combined power of sport and technology to transform lives by promoting an active future. 4Global work with several local authorities, sports federations, government, and international bodies to help people get active. They increase interest and participation in activities through strategies formed out of acquiring and providing valuable data.

Xn and 4Global’s partnership was formed out of the joint desire and passion to help motivate more people to get active, using data to understand individual needs.

A Business Intelligence Solution

Together, Xn and 4Global developed a business intelligence solution designed for Xn customers – Xn Insight. It is a module implemented into 4Global’s DataHub platform, a platform that aggregates data in the sector about customers’ physical activities using intelligent demographics tools.

The Xn Insight module co-branded for DataHub uses operators’ data and transfers it to the operator’s DataHub account. Daily updates of the data are sent to the DataHub platform, and operators can analyse data through clear and organised key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows management to strategize and come up with quick solutions, as less time is spent on reports and the data itself.

Shared Passion for Improving People’s Health

Both Xn and 4Global have the desire to help operators and national governing bodies understand more about their customers and their behaviour to help improve their activity, health, and wellbeing. With Xn Insight, Xn and 4Global can successfully deliver accurate data and use it to understand exactly how to tailor it to customer needs.

The module is a simple, yet effective interface that evolved out of the market and Xn Leisure’s product developments. Xn Insight has been used by numerous national operators as well as small trusts, therefore, Xn and 4Global’s partnership, which has grown significantly over the last seven years, has proven to be very effective.

“Our relationship from the early conception of the 4Global DataHub, as well as Xn Leisure’s continued support and involvement in our sector-wide steering group, has helped 4Global provide a platform that now has over 40 integrations, some 3000 facilities and over 1 billion visits of data.”

— Chris Phillips, Account Director at 4Global

A Partnership Powered by Data

Xn and 4Global share data to benefit both parties and have a strong collaboration that has seen the partnership flourish. Data is vital for the sport and leisure sector, ensuring the smooth flow of both strategic and operational decision making that positively impact the industry.

Without data, operators can’t make educated decisions and build strategies to help improve physical activity and the facilities available for individuals.

Onwards, Xn and 4Global will go from strength to strength to continue to provide quality data insights to operators through sharing Xn’s data. A new entry-level module for Xn Insight is currently in development, which will provide an even easier solution to produce KPIs and deliver critical data to management.

Understanding data – customers and their wants, needs and behaviours – is essential to understand how to design products and solutions that make their health and fitness journeys easier to manage and maintain.

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