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Private Sector

Revolutionise Your Leisure Business

Private Sector

Revolutionise Your Leisure Business with Efficient and Streamlined Operations using Xn Leisure Management Software.

Leisure Management Software (LMS) is a solution designed for the private sector to manage and streamline their leisure activities.


Operational Efficiency

Our solution automates many manual tasks, including scheduling, invoicing, and inventory management. This streamlines the operations and reduces the time and effort required for administrative tasks.

Get real-time data on:

  • Bookings
  • Attendance
  • Revenue

This helps management to make informed decisions and adjust their strategy as needed. The result is improved operational efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.


Customer Experience

Leisure Hub provides a seamless customer experience by allowing customers to book, pay and manage all of their activities, memberships and details online. This eliminates the need for customers to visit the facility in person or call for bookings.

The system sends automatic notifications and reminders to customers, reducing the chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Revenue Generation

We enable private sector organisations to offer new activities, such as classes, workshops, and events, which can be monetised to generate more revenue.

The system also allows for dynamic pricing, which means that prices can be adjusted based on demand or availability. This ensures that prices remain competitive, and revenue is optimised.


Marketing and promotions

The Xn Leisure solution provides a centralised platform for all leisure activities, which can be leveraged for marketing and promotions. Using the system you can:

  • Create and promote events
  • Send newsletters and promotions
  • Run loyalty programs.

The system also provides analytics and reporting features, which help organisations to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly.


Safety and security

within Xn Leisure ensures the safety and security of customers and staff by automating compliance and regulatory requirements, such as data protection laws. The system also provides a centralised database of customer information, which is securely stored and protected from unauthorised access.

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