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Trusts & Charities

Maximise Your Trust or Charity’s Potential with Leisure Management Software

Trusts & Charities

Streamline Operations, Improve Customer Experiences, and Increase Revenues!

Leisure management software can be a valuable tool for trusts and charities that manage leisure facilities such as community centers, sports clubs, and fitness centers. See below for the numerous benefits our software provides.


Your operations

Automate a range of processes such as online booking systems, membership management, financial transactions, and inventory management.

By doing so, you’ll free up staff time to focus on other important aspects of running the facility. Automating these processes can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and save time.


Customer Experience

Enhance the customer experience by making it easy for customers to book facilities and classes online. The software can provide up-to-date information on class schedules, available facilities, and special events.

Customers can easily check availability and book their preferred activity, making the process more convenient and hassle-free. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn can lead to repeat business.



Increase your revenues by providing a range of features designed to maximize income. For example, the software can automate billing, invoicing, and payment processing, making it easier to manage finances and reduce the risk of errors.

Software can also provide detailed reports and analytics that can help identify revenue-generating opportunities and improve pricing strategies.

Additionally, by offering an online booking system, trusts and charities can sell memberships, courses, and other products directly to customers, increasing sales.


Financial Management

Manage your finances better with its financial management tools, such as budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting.

The software can help track revenue, expenses, and profitability across multiple facilities, providing better visibility into financial performance. It can also help with inventory management and procurement, ensuring that supplies are always available when needed and at the best possible price.



Increase efficiency in your operations by automating processes and providing tools that help staff work more effectively. This can include features such as task management, employee scheduling, and performance tracking.

This allows staff to focus on higher-value activities, such as providing excellent customer service and developing new revenue streams.

A solution for the future

With so many benefits on offer, it is no wonder that leisure management software is becoming an increasingly popular choice for trusts and charities looking to improve their operations and achieve long-term success. Speak to our friendly team today to find out more.

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