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How Xn Payment Solutions Can Help Grow Your Revenue

Online payments are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for shopping, paying bills, and memberships . In fact, the demand from shoppers for more service providers to provide contact-free, online payment options has only increased over recent years, and this is also true for leisure operators.

Online payments can help to avoid face-to-face transactions and increase the safety of staff and fellow customers.

There’s good reason to take note of this, too. Research has shown that customers are 70% more likely to go through with a purchase if their preferred payment method is displayed as an option. For leisure operators, this could make a huge difference to revenue and customer experience.

But online payments can come in many different forms, so finding the right one for your business is vital.

That’s where Xn’s payment solutions come in. Our fast, reliable, and easily-maintained solutions will help keep your online sales -and your members – healthy and happy.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Xn payment solutions can actively save you money whilst boosting your revenue.

Save staff time and resources

Having an online payment option can free up your staff’s time, saving you money and allowing your staff to focus more on your members. This is because the number of time-consuming and labour-intensive paper-based payments are reduced, which can sometimes be a drain on resources and revenue.

Moving to online options not only speeds up the process but can be handled automatically without the need for staff top process payments.

With more time, staff can hugely improve the customer experience by helping on gym floors, answering member questions, and more.

Easy to use

As we’ve previously discussed in our blog ‘The 5 step process to increasing member retention,’ one of the easiest and most effective ways of retaining your members is to make your entire service more convenient.

This extends to payments, especially online ones.

Having to enter your bank card details over and over for each online transaction can be a frustrating obstacle for current and potential members who are trying to purchase something from you. This might include small items like sports bottles or big items like memberships.

What’s more, members are already used to fast and easy payment processes through their subscriptions or online services.

Most retailers recognise that making it hard for their customers to complete a purchase will result in fewer transactions, so Xn Pay is designed to be fast and easy to use for both members and leisure providers.

What’s more, any of your customers going through the payment process will be offered the option to save their card details to their own online wallet ready for future use.

The online wallet can store one or multiple cards at once, and the easy-to-use carousel interface enables users to quickly select the card they’d like to use.

This is a fantastic way to increase customer satisfaction as the customer does not need to re-type their card information every time they need to pay for something, boosting revenue, enhancing the consumer experience, and increasing the likelihood of returning customer.

Totally secure

Whilst online payments can sometimes pose security risks, Xn’s online payment solutions are completely secure.

When using the online wallet, for example, customers will need to provide the three-digit CVV code found on the back of the physical card to authorise each transaction. All other card details stored are securely encrypted and any cards stored in the online wallet are only available to the wallet owner and not staff users.

Members can also choose not to store their cards in an online wallet and still pay online, as long as they’re happy to input their card details every time.

Xn Pay provides the ideal solution to potential online purchasing problems, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to set up. For operators wanting to take advantage of convenience and security, Xn Pay’s Online Wallet is immediately available to Xn customers who have upgraded to version 2.16 of Leisure Hub.

To find out more, please get in touch with our Sales Team or download our payments brochure.

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